All photography provided by Heather Bode

I moved to California almost three years ago and I fell in love. The beautiful mountains, the refreshing ocean, and the amazing people. California has quickly become my home and the people, my friends and neighbors. 

I'm usually spending time in Pasadena, walking my dog, Coco, and on one of the many trails taking in the famous California sunshine. Otherwise, I am spending time with my family, including my adorable niece and nephew. 


My Mission

I want to see California be the nation's leader in clean energy technology, funding for public schools, and taking care of our veterans. With all of our sunshine, especially in Southern California, we should be producing much more clean energy than we are. I want to arm our teachers with higher pay, more supplies, and better resources. Our teachers and children need our support and understanding, not guns. As our soldiers come home, we need to take care of them for protecting us. It's time to help them adjust to coming home. 

I want to increase communication in our diverse communities. We have so many different communities and cultures here, and often that can lead to communications breakdowns. Helping communities communicate will help overcome stereotypes and presumptions. 

Providing opportunities for women and people of color is a great way to build up their communities. A rising tide raises all ships. We have so many brilliant minds and talents that go undiscovered because they are not given the same opportunities. 

We can show the rest of the country and the world that communities thrive when they take care of each other. We can accomplish so much more when we work together. We need to build relationships, not walls. 

Career accomplishments

  • Arizona State University 2003-2007
    • Graduated Summa Cum Laude
    • Graduated Barrett Honors College
    • Resident Adviser for 2 Years
    • Habitat for Humanity 
    • Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity
  • George Washington University Law
    • Pro Bono Program Graduate
    • Focus on Non-Profit and Government Work
    • President of Jewish Law Student Assoc. and Law Students for Reproductive Justice
  • Arizona Attorney General's Office
    • Child Support Enforcement
    • Helped children get child support from non-custodial parents
  • UMOM New Day Centers
    • Provided pro bono legal work to victims of domestic violence.
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters Central AZ
    • Youth Exec Council Board Member
  • CA Correctional Peace Officer Assoc.
    • Staff Legal Counsel for Admin Proceedings