Here is an overview of my policy initiatives. I am always willing to listen to new positions. If you have any information about the below policies, or issues that are important to you, use the contact me form at the bottom of the page and let me know!  

Clean energy

Climate change is the single biggest issue we are facing today. Renewable, clean energy is the future. My focus will be on solar initiatives and updating our infrastructure to address "duck curve" inefficiencies, including focusing on smart inverters that can link solar energy to the grid and ease the burden on "traditional" energy sources. 

Women's healthcare

A country can be judged by how it takes care of its women. Women's healthcare is incredibly important to me. That being said, I am aware that I am not an expert on what sort of changes and protections women's healthcare need. I will support legislation drafted by the female members of the State Assembly as long as it protects a woman's right to choose and access to birth control. 


I've said a few different places that we need more of a emphasis on education, both primary and secondary. Cost should not be a barrier to education. Nor should college students be treated like profit centers for loan companies to line their pockets. Reasonable regulations and rates for college students will provide more affordable options for higher education. 

We need to take care of the people that take care of our children, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Teachers need more resources, both financially and in our schools. Teachers deserve higher pay and they deserve to have the supplies necessary to teach our kids. Our schools need professionals who can address any and all issues our kids are facing, physically, mentally, and emotionally. We need to arm our teachers with supplies and resources, not guns. 

State parks

Right now, our national parks are under attack. As a member of the CA State Legislature, I am going to make sure that the same does not happen to our state parks and coastlines. Protecting these amazing places is absolutely necessary. Every Californian deserves the opportunity to enjoy our coasts and our mountain trails.

veterans resources

It's time to take care of those who give their all to protect us. Veterans face challenges that we can not imagine. I want to make sure they have the resources to succeed once they come back home. California will lead the way in how states should take care of their returning heroes, by offering job training, mental health resources, and adjustment training. 

recreational marijuana

The voters have voted, and I support their voice. I want to support cities in their implementation and rollout of recreational marijuana dispensaries. Currently a portion of the taxes on recreational marijuana go to law enforcement in battling the black market. A larger portion of these funds should be redirected to education, veterans resources, and public parks. 

California housing crisis

The lack of affordable housing in California is a serious problem. Many of our residents can barely afford or not afford the housing currently available. We need to encourage builders to build more affordable units. It is my mission to make sure California residents have affordable housing. 

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